Cashew Nut

Cashew is a tropical evergreen plant, belonging to the family of Anacardiaceae, known for its seeds that are consumed worldwide. The fruit of cashew tree is a kidney or boxing-glove shaped druped that grows at the end of cashew apple. Cashew is largely consumed as a dry fruit or an ingredient in different cuisines of different cultures of the world. This seed has a high level of oil content in it and that is why have some industrial uses as well.

Vietnam, Nigeria, India, Brazil are the top countries producing Cashew Nuts.

Cashew producing states in India are Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra.

The Indian cashew nut can be made available in a number of varieties like Natural, roasted and salted. Cashew nuts are generally available in the following varieties based on their size and surface texture:

  • White Wholes
  • Scorched Wholes
  • Dessert Wholes
  • Brokens
  • Scorched small pieces
  • Dessert pieces

Used in different industrial purposes Cashew Nuts are highly demanded in the market. These also form a preferred gift item during the festive season and used as household item to make sweet rice and other food items. Cashew nuts supplied by us are of standard quality. These fruits are procured from well known and certified dealers. We supply dry fruits in air tight attractive containers and offer these food items at affordable market rates.